iMapper Wifi

The total toolkit for WiFi survey, test, analyse.

      The iMapper Wifi APP is a wireless toolkit for wireless professionals , it's from a carrier-class network  testing toolkit, just need few step to turn your WLAN better.

      The iMapper Wifi App goes far beyond just searching wifi network, now you can use the carrier-class tools to measure your wifi network.   

      The mapper is the most authentic and complete wifi heat maps, assist you to quickly complete wifi network adjustment and optimization.Users only need to walk the floor and perform site survey to perspective overall network performance.  

    The Tester including a series network tools. The network tools are design for  troubleshooting.Ping, Http, throughput test kits. the test toolkit let your quickly to perform an enterprise-class test. All test kits support test repeated, you can setup continue running test and finally come out the user experience KPI.

 Wi-Fi analyzer 

-Scaner and analyzer with summary view and detailed view
-Channel Graph displays and analyze channels in use to turn your Wi-Fi AP to the best channel
-Signal time chart helps you track down access points and adjust antennas.
- On top signal dashboard alway show the target AP's RSSI. Your can focus on a specific Ap to get a continuous monitoring.